Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Original Pancake House.

Some restaurants just know how to do it right and The Original Pancake House has been doing it right for decades. 
located in the Forest Acres section of Columbia S.C. also locations in Charlotte N.C. with a full menu that has something for everyone. 
You will find that they are the spot to go to when multiple palettes want something different. 
Do you see that ^^^?
That burger comes to your table like's not just a photo for advertisement! 
Hey let me explain this fresh squeezed orange juice because you really do not understand fresh squeezed orange juice made after you order it and see it being made! I have driven across town just to get the oj.

I would advise that you make it your business to check out 

Oooh and the Eggs Benedict  oh my goodness. However after being named The Original Pancake House you have to know that the pancakes are from scratch and simply outstanding. 

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