Monday, August 3, 2015

Perfectly Franks - Summerville S.C.

I've been to dozens of hot dog joints in my travels that have been okay.  But in Summerville S.C. right outside of Charleston "Perfectly Franks" is the only one that I will drive 90 minutes to get one. The mystical snap when you bite into frank, hotdog or weiner has been found.

French Toast Frankie - hotdog on a sub roll that dipped in french toast batter and cooked, Italian sausage, bacon, fried egg, powdered sugar and syrup! It was incredible.

Frankie goes to Cuba 
The hotdog version of the Cubano - pulled pork, ham, hotdog, mustard and pickles.....the only thing missing is a Cuban cigar.

The Ruben version of a hot even comes with a dill pickle spear.

And the most perfect seasoned fries ever.
If you are ever in the vicinity of Charleston S.C. you have got to stop by Perfectly Franks. 

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