Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baked Sheep head - counting sheep to sleep doesn't work for me!

My cousin is very resourceful and the type of guy that would want to know if stuff got crazy or if there was a zombie apocalypse cause he knows how to live off of the land. Usually I would have to experience this on my own but was not able to make it. But this is it.

What i'll be eating tonight for the first time! SHEEP'S HEAD; BRAINS AND ALL! Using an Italian recipe. And no I did not buy the head from the store.... From field to table. 

Well....this is about as good as you can make this look? Brains on the side with Apple lettuce and Jesus bread( flat bread) . I must say. Looks crazy! TASTES GREAT! The Cheek meat tastes smooth like roast beef. Everything else with the exception of the brains tastes like the skin on WELL stewed Turkey wings; eyes included! The brain tastes like Turkey wing paste mixed with a hint of liver, but not over powering. Everything really tastes subtle and well seasoned. The tongue was the only standout.


  1. Ewww:( Not my cup of tea sorry!!

  2. If I ever do it again I'll Grill it till its crispy.