Friday, July 19, 2013

Gladys Knight Chicken & Waffles

Let me tell you I had to stand in line in the rain to get in here! "Me" standing in the rain in Atlanta, Georgia is crazy I almost had to tell them to never mind I had a flashback for a moment. Nice decor although I am upset that my photo is not on the wall with other celebrities but Gladys and Rons menu is creative and gives you something new to try like collard green spring rolls with a thai sauce for dipping and a decadent mac & cheese. The portions are a nice size and you must try the tea/lemonade. Enjoy the customer service was also excellent.


  1. collard green egg rolls ? how did they taste?

  2. Actually pretty good. If you think about it greens are just replacing cabbage!

  3. Ate there last week the lemon pepper wings was the bomb. Really enjoyed the springrolls also. Going bk next month, can't wait to order the wings mac n cheese n an arnold palmer