Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tiffany's Bakery & Eatery

Tiffany's Bakery & Eatery in Columbia, South Carolina has been the latest business hit with a random drive by blogging. First of all I should bow my head in shame for spending $20 bucks in items for just me and not even offer so much as a crumb to my coworkers,  but I'm not ashamed.

Chocolate Ganache

This morning I had chocolate ganache, red velvet cookies,  chocolate chewies, cream cheese brownies and to make peace with conscious a ham & cheese croissant for breakfast and it was a good day. I have never had chocolate ganache before and it made my taste buds upset that they have never had this before! Rich chocolate mouse with a little bit of cake and the cream cheese brownie so moist and rich.

You have got to stop in Tiffany's if you are in Columbia S.C.

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