Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pat's King of Steaks vs Geno's Steaks - Philadelphia Cheesesteak Rivalry

                                                             Pat's King of Steaks

                                                                 Geno's Steaks

This is an Epic Battle between 2 historic landmarks in Philadelphia, Pa. that are directly across the street from each other on E. Passyunk Ave. in South Philly. With that in mind I had to add the Rocky Theme song. (If you can't play the music right now just hum it while you read this) And in one corner you have Pat's King of  Steaks weighing in at approx 12 ozs with onions and cheeze whiz....... and in the other corner weighing in at approx 12 ozs. Geno's Steaks with onions and cheese whiz. In this bout Mustard and Ketchup is required.

                             Okay Cheesesteaks let's have a nice clean fight uhhh bite.

Pat's comes out swinging with chopped succulent ribeye while Geno's retaliates with tender slices of ribeye. Oh my it looks like they are on a roll now and it looks like its about to go down possibly with large coke. Geno's is tender but and juicy but not chopped up like this legendary sandwich classic that Pat's has and sticks to the original foundation of the classic. Now this a no gloves battle that goes the distance but I give this one to Pat's King of Steaks as the Passyunk Ave Champion.

Now neither of these places is the Cities best. But that would be more like a Battle Royal MMA type of battle to Find the Cities best between Chickie & Pete's, Jim's Steaks, Larry's Steak, Tony Luke's and Ishkabibble's. The key thing here is to enjoy this classic local sandwich wrapped in paper that the juice soaks through that no matter how hard it has been tried cannot be copied all over the world.

Shout out to Interstate Steak & Hoagie in Irmo/Columbia, S.C.

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